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Apple info

When to pick

Apples are generally ready to pick between mid-August and mid-October, mostly depending on the variety but also the growing season. When you pick an apple it should come off easily with a gentle twist. You can also examine the pips - if they are dark brown or black then the apple is ripe.

Type of apples

Eating and cooking apples can both make good apple juice. Cooking apples are generally sharper and eating apples sweeter. A mix of both usually works well though it very much depends on personal taste - do you have a sweet tooth? Eating apples would be best! If an apple is good to eat then you can bet it will make good juice!

Apples become sweeter in time so if yours are a little sharp, they will benefit from being stored for a week or two. Note though: early varieties (those picked in August and early September) don't store as well as those picked later on in the season.